The purpose of the Executive Office is to support and assist the South African Board for Sheriffs in achieving its legislated mandate to;

  • Provide for the appointment of sheriffs,
  • Establish a Fidelity Fund for Sheriffs
  • Regulate the conduct of sheriffs, and matter connected therewith.

The Executive Office is mandated to lead, direct and co-ordinate all the activities of the institution. Provide policy guidelines to all functional areas, and ensure efficient and cost-effective service delivery to all stakeholders. Provide an enabling and well-coordinated  approach to planning and decision making that adheres to sound public governance standards.

The Executive Manager must provide strategic leadership direction and co-ordination to the Divisions of the South African Board for Sheriffs. Develop and maintain constructive working partnerships between key stakeholders.  Advise the Executive Management Team on functional matters like; financial management and planning performance management objectives and progress reviews, developmental programmes and service delivery integration, forensic investigations, risk management and mitigation and internal audit. Comply with statutory requirements and execute policy decisions cost-effectively and timeously.