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Finance and HR

The Finance, HR and IT Division of the South African Board for Sheriffs is like an oil that keeps the other divisions rolling. The division is made up of three function areas:


The finance functionalityis responsible to ensure that there is efficient and effective management of the scars financial resources, risk and assets. Ensure that there is adherence to financial controls, internal policies and procedures. The production of informative, accurate and reliable financial reports. Ensure on going management of all contract to ensure public value for money and ensure that the funds of the organization are properly invested and monitored.


This functionality is responsible for identification, management, up skilling and retention of talent within the organization. Wholly responsible for the whole HRcycle from recruitment to termination including the pension fund scheme administration.


This functionality is responsible for the optimal functioning of the information technology system including the offsite backups.

The synopses of the Finance, HR and IT responsibilities are detailed herein under:

– Finance

* To ensure the complete recording of all operational, financial and business transactions entered into; * Ensure proper processing of all budgeted and authorized payments. * To record all, amongst other ad-hoc receipts, the levies, penalties, applications for Fidility Fund Certificates, Deputy appointments and interest received on Trust accounts; * To perform monthly bank reconciliations; * To manage and record the investments and interest received;

To manage all the fixed assets which includes monitoring and assessing the assets and to identify it for disposal;
To ensure that the relevant internal controls are in place to identify and correct accounting errors and to identify fraud and misappropriation of assets and funds timeously;
Ensure that the South African Board complies with all local authorities including submissions to the South African Revenue Services; and
Provide the relevant documentation required by all other divisions within the South African Board for Sheriffs.

– Human Resources

* To ensure that each employee has an employee file containing all the required documentation i.e. CV, employment contract, copy of identity document etc. * To ensure that proper processes are in place to manage the performance assessments and the KPAs of each staff member along with the designated manager of the staff member; * To ensure that the staff member is paid timeously as agreed in he/she’s employment contract; * To support the employees and employer with any grievances and help phycilitate the correspondence between the parties; * To identify the relevant training for staff to help them deliver their work more efficiently; and * To ensure that all leave and staff movements has been properly recorded.

– Information Technology (IT)

* To ensure that each staff member has the proper workable equipment to complete their work and deliver their tasks timeously; * To ensure that staff is fully training on new programs customized for the South African Board for Sheriffs.