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The SABFS has received several queries with regards to the process to be followed for an “Ad-hoc” appointment application. “Ad-hoc” sheriff appointments are made in terms of section 5(1A)(b) of the Sheriff’s Act, No. 90 of 1986, to ACT as a SHERIFF in a specific area for a particular court case.

These acting appointments may be granted only under the following circumstances:

  • If there is a conflict of interest with the appointed Sheriff and a party to the particular suit; or
  • Where the Minister deems it necessary as it is in the interest of the maintenance of effective and reliable service to the courts and the public.
  • Such applications are dealt with at each magistrate’s court and court managers are the relevant persons who will approve the Ad-hoc request.

Process to appoint an Ad-Hoc Sheriff:

  • Written request by the party to the suit or his/her legal representative to be sent to the Court Manager in the relevant jurisdiction.
  • Cite reasons and show cause
  • State case number and parties involved

Circular on Adhoc Appointments

Circular on Adhoc Appointments Circular on Adhoc Appointments (1560 KB)