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Sunday, March 10, 2013

The South African Board for Sheriffs (the Board) is a statutory body regulating the affairs of the Sheriffs throughout the Republic Of South Africa. It does so in terms of the Sheriffs Act, No 90 of 1986, as amended. The objects of the Board are, amongst others, to maintain the esteem of, the enhancement of the status of, and the improvement of the standard of training of and functions performed by, Sheriffs.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a permanent position. You will be contracted per project.

To assist you, we have provided you with the following information. If you believe that you have any of the following competencies then you should apply. You may apply for a position as a Facilitator, Assessor or Moderator. You may apply for all three or a combination of the three available positions.

It would be common knowledge that we need persons with specific skills, keeping in mind the fact that services will be provided within the Sheriffs profession. You should have:


  • Content knowledge of the Sheriffs Profession
  • Knowledge of SETA learning processes
  • Research skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Creative skills
  • Lesson preparation
  • Power Point knowledge
  • Computer software skills
  • Experience

Further sought after competencies are as follows;

  • The facilitator should have a friendly yet professional manner.
  • The ability to interact with an audience is crucial since we require our learners to participate during sessions.
  • The capacity to speak more than one language would be most valuable since our learners are representative of all races and cultures.
  • A strong sense of cultural diversity is a must in order to relate to a varied group of learners.
  • The talent to pitch to learners of all ages and learning levels as well as different job specifications is a challenge that cannot be ignored.
  • A clear understanding of teaching and learning methodologies would be an attribute to the facilitator.

If successful, you will be required to:

  • Sign a two year contract with the SABFS, in line with its roster.
  • Confirm your availability / Subject to your availability
  • Attend capacity building workshops
  • Attend Train the Trainer workshops.
  • Attend preparation meetings/workshops.
  • Analyse group and individual learner profiles
  • Travel to various provinces
  • Spend time away from home
  • Work weekends
  • Prepare for lessons
  • Develop presentations and
  • Assist with material development

Assessors and Moderators will know that they will need to be accredited for the specific qualifications the SABFS will present. You will need to apply to the SASSETA for an extension of scope to include the various Unit Standards required. You may apply to the SABFS now and if successful, you will be given an opportunity to approach the SETA for the extension of scope.

Remuneration: R 2 500.00 per Day

  • The fee includes your preparation
  • If you are a VAT vendor, you may add VAT to the fee
  • If you are not a VAT vendor you will receive the full fee and we will provide you
  • with an IRP5 certificate at the end of the financial year

The SABFS will provide travel and accommodation.

Please submit the application form, your CV, SETA Registration Certificate/s and any other certificates of qualifications, by 25 March 2013 and forward by fax or e- mail to:

Zainab Abrahams
The South African Board for Sheriffs
Training Division
P.O. Box 5454
Cape Town
Fax.: 0866062989
E-mail: zainab@sheriffs.org.za
Tel.: 021 462 3209