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Funding Opportunity for New Sheriffs from Business Partners

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The Chairperson of the SABFS through her engagement with Business Partners saw an opportunity for Business Partners to help new sheriffs in establishing their new offices in securing a line of credit/loan for their news offices.

I have engaged with Business Partners, they are keen to assists sheriffs with funding, subject to conditions. They require information from Sheriffs in order to approve there applications. The initial information we will require is detailed below.

  • Completed Business Partners application forms; (find attached)
  • Financial Statements of the business for the previous 2 – 4 years; (if applicable)
  • A cash flow forecast for the next 12 /24 months assuming the funding is granted;
  • Business plan assuming the funding is granted (outline is attached);
  • CV’s
  • Source documents ie ID’s and company/cc registration document;

You are hereby requested to brief your members about this opportunity, we will be placing these documents on our website immediately.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact:

Jeremy Lang
Area Manager
Business Partners Ltd
Tel: +27 021 464 3600 (main line)
Tel: +27 021 464 3639 (direct line)
Fax: +27 021 461 8720
e-mail: jlang@businesspartners.co.za
Web site: www.businesspartners.co.za
SME Toolkit website: http://southafrica.smetoolkit.org

Application Form (A) - 2012 Application Form (A) - 2012 (25 KB)

Application Form (B-C) - 2012 Application Form (B-C) - 2012 (80 KB)

Business Plan Business Plan (31 KB)

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