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The 5th World Day of the Judicial Officer/Sheriff on 7 June 2012

Friday, August 10, 2012
The 5th World Day of the Judicial Officer/Sheriff on 7 June 2012 will be organised by the International Union of Judicial Officers (UIHJ).

The theme of this day is ‘The Sheriff and the Citizen’.

The sheriffs’ goal should be to successfully carry out enforcement while respecting the dignity of the litigant and the balance between the rights of all.

They must ensure the effectiveness of the rights of citizens. Beyond formal guarantees to the citizens recognized by the state, sheriffs must make the rights of these citizens become real and effective.

They certainly use the means at their disposal by the law, but beyond this, they also consider the human dimension of their profession: they have to convince without force, they have to understand without admitting.

They have a duty of impartiality and neutrality, and should exercise restraint. They should retain a sense of measure, to achieve the required result while limiting and adapting those means of achievement to the situation.

A rule of caution stems from the imperative of moderation as they are fully liable for their actions. Enforcement measures are delicate indeed. On this occasion, the sheriff must show unwavering professionalism but also tact and delicacy.

That's the everyday ethics of the judicial officer. Sheriffs’ rules of conduct towards citizens revolve around notions such as counsel, carefulness and independence.

Counsel: how to carry out the most appropriate procedure.

Carefulness: how to give the most appropriate procedure its dimension and effective guarantee.

Independence: the magistrate or judge grants the order and the sheriff ensures its concrete expression by carrying out the enforcement of the decision.

The topic of Maintenance remains high as a priority in our country. We appeal to you to serve these documents free of charge from 4 to 8 June 2012. If you can, join forces with a neighbouring Sheriff and sponsor a soup kitchen on the 7th! The day provides an opportunity to show the public all the activities carried out by the Sheriff in family law. The role of the Sheriff when he/she recovers a maintenance obligation should be emphasized: he allows an abandoned family to recover the means necessary for its subsistence and social survival.

We will be most grateful to you if you participate and use your imagination to promote your office and the profession during the said week. Please record your involvement by taking photographs and writing a short report, we would like to place this on our website and in the next newsletter.


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