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Women's Day Imbiza - Atlantis

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

The South African Board for Sheriffs (SABFS) was invited to attend the Women’s Day Atlantis Service Delivery Imbizo in Atlantis hosted by the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development.

The purpose of the Imbizo emanated from a number of complaints relating to the community being fed up with drug addiction and gangsterism in their community, why are alleged criminals released on bail? How does bail work? Problems experienced in the serving of Domestic violence protection orders.

The Government was there to commit in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the criminal justice system services rendered to victims of crime, to implements social crime prevention programs, improve on investigation, strengthening the management of bail process, to rid of corrupt government officials, improve on services rendered by courts and operationalize transformed community safety forums in Atlantis.

The panel members were Snr Magistrate Mr Van Rooyen, Snr Prosecutor, Maintenance Officer, and SAPS. The main speaker was Mr Hishaam Mohamed Regional Head of Western Cape.

The launch was very informative and was received well by the community and they had an opportunity to voice out their frustration and also assist the government on how to better their services.

We had setup a table where we handed out our sheriff’s information.

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