Legal and Compliance Division is the heart of the South African Board for Sheriffs. Its mandate is to ensure the overall compliance with the Sheriffs Act,(Act 90 of 1986) Sheriffs uphold the rights of the people as entrenched in the South African Constitution.

The synopses of the Legal and Compliance responsibilities are detailed herein under:

  • To handle complaints and or queries
  • Ensure proper processing of claims lodged by members of the public against the Sheriff and ensure a desired outcome is reached.
  • Facilitate the resolution of claims by the Standing Disciplinary Committee established in terms of Section 18 of the Sheriffs Act.
  • Prepare and submit recommendations and inputs concerning the amendments of legislation.
  • Ensure timely collection of all levies payable by Sheriffs.
  • Ensure the issuing of Fidelity Fund certificates.
  • Ensure proper administration of the Fidelity Fund.
  • Ensure compliance by Sheriffs with their legal obligations.
  • Provide administrative support to the Standing Disciplinary Committee of the Board, Legal and Compliance Committee and Liaison and Appointments Committee.