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This flagship training programme will be implemented as soon as the Minister for Justice and Constitutional Development announces that he has appointed Sheriffs to the current vacant posts.


The Skills Programme (Sheriffs Introductory Course – SIC), at NQF Level 4, can be used in two ways. It can contribute to the further development of the current employee within the sheriffs’ profession by providing recognition, further mobility and transportability. The SIC could therefore be used as a process of continued assessment to ensure service excellence.

However, its main function will be to induct all newly appointed Sheriffs. It should make the issue of a Fidelity Fund Certificate, subject to a compliance certificate, in direct relation to our minimum standard of training in terms of Section 33(1)(e) of the Sheriffs Act 90 of 1986 (as amended).

It is suggested that a person acquiring this qualification will be able to use it as an entry into the profession, as a Sheriff, whilst being able to contribute to its professionalisation. They will have an understanding of civil law and its enforcement and show responsibility by independently and effectively managing themselves and others. The candidate will be able to interact with a range of people within the diverse South African context and enhance professional service delivery.

Never before has Sheriffs been inducted. Often, this omission has proved to be detrimental to the Sheriff, his/her office, the SABFS, the attorneys and the service within the civil justice system. It is therefore imperative that the SABFS develop a strategy and policy to address this shortcoming.


The purpose of the course ensures that the participant will have a basic competence to deal with financial and administrative matters in the Sheriff’s office, serve and execute processes in compliance with relevant legislation, and, throughout, apply appropriate communication skills within the context of the Constitution.

The person credited with the 6 unit standards of the SIC will be able to practice and explain the concept, purpose and procedures of service and execution in the civil justice system.

The following six Unit Standards that form the SIC Skills Programme:

110003 - Develop administrative procedures in a selected organization
116608 - Demonstrate knowledge and application of ethical conduct in a debt recovery work context
252388 - Explain and implement the writ if execution and enforcement process
252389 - Explain and implement service in the civil justice system
252390 - Demonstrate applied knowledge of financial administration in a sheriff’s office
252391 - Explain legal concepts in respect of sheriffing