The Human Resources functionality is responsible for identification, management, up skilling and retention of talent within the organization. Wholly responsible for the whole HR cycle from recruitment to termination including the pension fund scheme administration.

Synopsis of  Human Resources responsibilities: 

  • To ensure that each employee has an employee file containing all the required documentation i.e. CV, employment contract, copy of identity document etc.
  • To ensure that proper processes are in place to manage the performance assessments and the KPA’s of each staff member along with the designated manager of the staff member;
  • To ensure that the staff member is paid timeously as agreed in he/she’s employment contract;
  • To support the employees and employer with any grievances and help facilitate the correspondence between the parties;
  • To identify the relevant training for staff to help them deliver their work more efficiently; and
  • To ensure that all leave and staff movements has been properly recorded.