Human Resource Development Strategy of the SA Board of Sheriffs


The mandate of the SA Board for Sheriffs is articulated in section 8 and 33.1(e) and 33.1(f) of the Sheriffs’ Act (Act 90 of 1986, as amended). Section 8 states that: “the objects of the Board shall be the maintenance of the esteem of, the enhancement of the status of, and the improvement of the standard of training of and functions performed by, sheriffs”. Section 33.1(e) and 33.1(f) pertain to the issuing of fidelity funds certificates by the Board whereby such certificate cannot be issued unless a prospective sheriff complies with the prescribed standard of training and has the necessary prescribed practical experience.

Strategic Objectives

  • Learning material and training programmes enhance service delivery and transformation of the sheriffs’ profession.
  • The respective functionaries in the profession e.g. Board Members, sheriffs, staff of the office of the Board be exposed to generic and specific training courses within the content of transformation.
  • Training providers be identified to deliver the training needs of sheriffs.
  • A programme of clerkship/learnership be undertaken to enhance the skills and competencies of sheriffs.


Module 1 Office Administration and Management (744 KB)

Module 2 Financial Management (731 KB)

Module 3 The Sheriffs Act, Act 90 of 1986 (691 KB)

Module 4 Service (713 KB)

Module 5 Execution: Movable and Immovable Property (696 KB)

Provincial Training Manual (762 KB)

Note to facilitator (431 KB)

Module 9 Interpleader Procedures (1418 KB)

Module 8 Protection Orders in Terms of The Domestic Violence Act 116 of 1998, and the South African (719 KB)

Module 7 Section 65 Procedures: Warrant of Arrest (747 KB)

Module 6 Ejectments (722 KB)

Module 5 Annexure (282 KB)